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What information should I provide to get help with my tablet issue?

Category: QuestionsWhat information should I provide to get help with my tablet issue?
Agata Cacko asked 5 months ago

I want to ask a new question and I wonder what information people who want to help me may need.

1 Answers
Agata Cacko answered 5 months ago

You should tell us:

– your tablet model (example: Wacom Intuos 5 Pro, XP Pen Deco 01)

– your tablet driver version (example: 6.3.29)

– your OS version (example: Windows 10)

– Tablet Tester text output. You need to go to Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings -> Tablet Tester, make one stroke and save the text output (save the whole output if possible; if not, make sure all the lines that are just before the stroke and just after the end of the stroke are saved, and you threw away only the repeasted information (and mark where the information was cut)). Because it can be long, it would be best if you post it on pastebin and send a link.

Things to check before asking your question:

– If you have no pressure sensitivity and you’re on Win 8 or Win 10, change API in Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings: switch between Wintab and Windows 8+ Pointer, then close and open Krita. Check if the pressure sensitivity works. (If not, mention it in your question!)

– Make sure you have “Use Pen Pressure” checked in your tablet driver software, if there is such option.