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What happens to unfinished (.kra) files when krita is deleted (to reinstall an older version)

Category: QuestionsWhat happens to unfinished (.kra) files when krita is deleted (to reinstall an older version)
Victoria Herdegen asked 3 months ago

Hey so I just updated, only to realize that I much prefer the old brushes. I plan on reinstalling an older version, however, I\’m worried about what will happen to all of my current in-progress files (.kra) I know that it\’s probably pretty simple (they might just sit there in their unfinished format making me unable to open them until I download the old version) however, a part of me is just too worried to risk it.
So I\’m wondering if they\’ll be deleted when I uninstall the updated version? Or will they be safe and work just fine when I reinstall the old krita? 
None were made using the updated version, so they should be compatible. 

Boudewijn Rempt Staff replied 3 months ago

Note that the Krita 3 brush set is still available: you can re-enable it in the resource management dialog. You don’t need to go back to an older version of Krita to use that

Victoria Herdegen replied 3 months ago

Thank you so much! I was planning to download the portable version while I uninstalled krita 4, but you saved me the trouble

Tymon Dąbrowski replied 3 months ago

Btw it seems that you have an interesting way of thinking about .kra files. They’re not in an “unfinished format”. It is just like .docx (Word format): there is nothing “unifinished” about it, even though they only software that can open it properly is MS Word (or it was for a long time; now I think Google Drive can open it, too). And just like .docx files are not inside of Word program in any way, .kra files are not inside of Krita, they are in the place you saved them. Krita won’t do anything about them, because in most cases Krita doesn’t even know they’re there (unless it was recently open, for example). They’re yours. You can copy it somewhere, you can send it by mail to your friend, you can make a backup of them.

The only exception are autosaved files; but if you worry about autosaved ones, just saved them somewhere you want to have them, that’s it.

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matt coudert answered 3 months ago

Hi, i don’t know from which version you update to which version, but the .kra format haven’t change. I think only vector layer and text can have problems, but it won’t dammage your file
“Krita 4 uses SVG for vector layers. This means that Krita 3 files with vector layers may not be loaded entirely correctly. Keep backups!”

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