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Wacom Intuos Pro & Cintiq 24HD work but Cintiq Pro 32 does not

Category: QuestionsWacom Intuos Pro & Cintiq 24HD work but Cintiq Pro 32 does not
Brian Krabach asked 1 month ago

I’ve been using Krita for the past week (and loving it!) on my Surface Book 2, with both a Wacom Intuos Pro and Cintiq 24HD and both have been working great.  I upgraded to a Cintiq Pro 32 today and I can only draw for a few seconds before the cursor freezes up.  To fix it, I can move my pen outside of the canvas area, let it rest outside the area for a second or two and then bring it back in and I can draw again for another few seconds.  I’ve tried this with multiple brushes and I don’t run into the issue in areas that use the normal system pointer – just where the brush cursors are used.
My drivers are the latest Wacom drivers and the same drivers that worked for both the Intuos and 24HD.
Any suggestions?  What other info could I provide to be more helpful?

Brian Krabach replied 1 month ago

I played with this a bit more last night and have some more clarifying information:

The exact way to consistently reproduce this behavior is to lift the Wacom pen far enough from the screen that it’s no longer tracking the movement on the screen (about 1/4 inch will do it). If I do this from within the canvas area, and then I place it back on the screen within the canvas area, the brush cursor does not move to it’s location (it doesn’t move at all). Attempting to paint/draw does nothing. If I use the pen button and click, it’ll show the circles that indicate the pen location, but still no movement of the brush cursor.

From there, as explained above, if I move the pen outside of the canvas region to any area that displays the normal system pointer cursor, I can then move back in and draw – *provided* that I keep the pen close enough to track then entire time. I was able to paint for extended periods last night as long as I never lifted the pen more than 1/4″ or so from the screen – when I did, then I would have to drag the pen off the canvas and back on. Quite a pain, but was a workaround to keep me moving.

Agata Cacko replied 4 weeks ago

Please follow this instruction: <a href="https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=what-information-should-i-provide-to-get-help-with-my-tablet-issue&quot; rel="nofollow">https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=what-information-should-i-provide-to-get-help-with-my-tablet-issue</a&gt;

Also white circles means that your driver is malfunctioning. Update or reinstall your driver to make sure. (To reinstall, you need to uninstall, restart Windows, install, and then restart Windows again…). I always get them after hibernation. (But I can still move my pen). Did you try to do the same thing in a different application? (Although i it works it just means that only applications that recognize tablet events are affected… so it won't tell us too much).

EDIT: also please check out Krita Next portable version from the website. It has a bit different code for tablets. Does it work better?

Brian Krabach replied 3 weeks ago

I wasn’t getting white circles, it just wouldn’t track if I lifted the pen and put it back down while on the main Krita canvas. I had to move the stylus out of the canvas area and then bring it back in w/o lifting it more than 1/4 of an inch to keep it tracking so that I could paint for a bit again.

When I didn’t initially get a response here, I filed a bug (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=406863) and it was suggested that I try a new nightly build due to the improved tablet support. The issue does not appear to exist in the latest nightly build and it has the expected behavior (same as what I experience with my other Wacom devices on the same laptop).