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use pattern as with floodfill or brush

Category: Questionsuse pattern as with floodfill or brush
Versbraegen François asked 3 weeks ago

I discoverd Krita some weeks ago as an alternative to Photoshop and I discover still new features.
I work with Windows 10 and a Wacom slate.
Now I want to fill a selection with an existing pattern, either with the flood-fill tool or with a painting brush.
How do I do this? 
And subsidiary (Later I can put this as a new question if nescessary):
Can I change the scale or the color of the pattern?  Can I even get some perspective in it?

Ahab Greybeard replied 3 weeks ago

The Fill tool has a ‘Use Pattern’ option in the Tool Options Docker.
The Brush Editor lets you apply a pattern as a mask on the end of a brush so you can have any colour you like and also lets you change the scale of the pattern. (You can’t change the scale or colour of the pattern when using the Fill tool.)
You can make your own patterns as .png files and add them to the Patterns folder of your krita resources folder.
As for perspective, you would need to use the Transform tool with Perspective mode selected in the Tool Options docker.

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 2 weeks ago

I replied two days ago but my reply wasn’t registered for some reason.

François Versbraegen replied 2 weeks ago

thank you, I had to look around for some time, but your answer put me on the way. For me the question is resolved. Thank you