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Unsynced audio

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Shellackle asked 1 week ago

I keep running into a problem when trying to sync up audio with my animations where when I playback the animation from anywhere but the first frame, the audio is pushed back about 30 frames or so, meaning when I fully play the animation from frame 0 the audio starts about 30 frames ahead of where it would start if I hit play anywhere throughout the animation. Exporting also makes the audio the same as playing from frame 0, rendering any changes I did while playing from within the animation off by a little over a second. Scrubbing across the timeline also makes the audio off compared to playing from frame 0. Is this just some sort of software bug that’ll hopefully be fixed soon or am I missing something completely obvious????

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 1 week ago

Krita isn’t an audio/video editor so it’s amazing that it can play audio when scrubbing a timeline. I didn’t know you could sync audio in krita and I thought it just started playing from the start. Hence, it’s better to use something like Audacity to create the audio track with an appropriate duration of silence at the beginning if you want to have the audio start later in the video.
A specialised A/V application like Kdenlive (or similar) would be more convenient and appropriate for adding and adjusting the position of an audio track on a video and it would do multi-track mix downs as well.