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Tried turning on Windows 8 pointer to fix pressure sensitivity

Category: QuestionsTried turning on Windows 8 pointer to fix pressure sensitivity
Hunter asked 5 months ago

I’m still having issues with the pressure sensitivity working on Krita with my tablet. I have a Huion Kamvas pro 13. All my drivers are up to date, and so is Krita. The pressure sensitivity works on all other digital art apps just not on Krita for some reason. I’ve made sure that it says the pressure sensitivity is enabled in Krita, restarted my computer, and many other problem-solving methods I’ve found online but nothing has worked. I took the suggestion and selected windows 8 pointer, restarted Krita, and it didn’t seem to work. Any other troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated.
Ps. I didn’t know how to continue the thread so I just made a new post. Hope that’s ok. 


Tymon Dąbrowski replied 5 months ago

You can post comments and answers to continue the thread… but… frankly I don’t think this site is best for that kind of questions :/ “My tablet doesn’t work” is a question that has as many answers as people who ask it.

Anyway, you should at least link the previous question. For future readers, here is the link: https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=the-pressure-sensitivity-not-working-on-krita

Hunter Rankin replied 5 months ago

The issue isn’t coming from my tablet as it works perfectly fine with every other digital art program. Krita is my art program of choice so it’s a bit upsetting. I’ve tried many of the troubleshooting solutions I’ve found online, however, nothing works so this was kind of my last resort. If anyone finds a solution to pressure sensitivity not working on Krita for Huion Kamvas pro 13 tablets that would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask this but it seemed more Krita related than tablet related.


Wolthera van Hövell Staff replied 5 months ago

Did you try the tablet tester in settings->configure Krita->tablet settings? Does it show a red or blue line? If there’s no blue line, then Krita just cannot see your tablet driver.