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Tools not working on Kamvas Pro 13

Category: QuestionsTools not working on Kamvas Pro 13
rainingrep asked 3 months ago

Hello, I use a kamvas pro 13 for my drawing with this app.. But i have a few issues when i try to use some of the tools. I will sit there and try to use another tool and it will not let me, the tool just appears to shrink and not show a thing, no matter how how big i make the size of the tool, it will not work. I was hoping to find out how to fix this small issue

Tymon DÄ…browski replied 3 months ago

First please follow this instruction: https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=what-information-should-i-provide-to-get-help-with-my-tablet-issue

Also go to the Tablet Settings in Configure Krita in Krita, and in the curve box take the upper point and place it in the middle of the upper line of the box. Does it help?