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Tablet eraser not functioning independently

Category: QuestionsTablet eraser not functioning independently
kazitor asked 2 months ago

From answers I\’ve seen elsewhere, it seems that when I switch to \”eraser mode\” that should function as a separate brush. However it always uses the same settings as pen mode, no matter how I try to change them.
e.g. paint brush selected. switch to eraser mode. select eraser brush. switch to pen mode. eraser brush is still selected.
The tablet tester recognises when I\’m in eraser mode, so I can\’t tell what the problem is.
tablet: XP Pen Deco 01
driver: I think v1.5.2
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1
Krita: 4.1.7
This problem is the one thing keeping me from using Krita, because otherwise it looks great so far.

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Ahab Greybeard answered 2 months ago

The other software you’ve used has a distinct eraser tool which is separate from the drawing tools. Krita does not have a distinct and separate tool for erasing. The ‘eraser’ brush presets are treated, by krita, as drawing brushes and the reason they function as erasers is because the person who set up their characteristics gave them a blending mode of ‘Eraser’. Krita can’t switch to using an ‘eraser tool’ because it doesn’t have one. What it can do is make any drawing brush behave as an eraser by overiding its blending mode to ‘Eraser’ (and back again) by use of the ‘E’ key.
There is only one way (as far as I know) in which you can deal with your desire to have your pen button ‘switch to eraser’ when working with krita:
Use your tablet control/setup utility to map your pen button to the ‘E’ key so that it makes the current brush switch to eraser blending mode (and toggle back to usual again). I assume your  tablet control/setup utility lets you have different button mappings for different applications (it may call them ‘profiles’). This will let you make any krita drawing bush behave as an eraser with all the behaviour characteristics of that brush such as tip pattern, opacity-pressure response, etc.
Krita is different but it is powerful and flexible. There are other ways of ‘selecting an eraser’, such as  the pop-up palette (right click on the canvas) and the Ten Brushes utility (Tools -> Scripts -> Ten Brushes). It’s worthwhile learning all the things that it can do.

Nestor Prohm replied 2 months ago

So it’s not possible to quickly switch to an eraser with different brush settings (e.g. size, opacity)? Because information I’ve seen elsewhere (such as https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=how-to-get-the-eraser-to-work-when-i-flip-to-eraser-tip ) implies that should be the case. I might have to take this to the forum because I feel something’s not working correctly. Thanks for the help though; ten brushes might be a good workaround.

Ahab Greybeard answered 2 months ago

The Krita User Manual ( https://docs.krita.org/en/ ) has this to say about erasing:
“In Krita, the eraser is not a tool, it is a Blending mode (or Composite mode). You can change each brush you have to erase by pressing E. By pressing E again you’ll be back to the last blending mode you had selected before pressing E the first time.”
If you want to use a ‘traditional’ eraser, there are (as you’ve noticed) erasers in the Brush Presets docker and you can select one of those and you don’t need to switch to eraser mode. The switch to eraser mode has the effect of forcing the brush to have a blending mode of ‘Eraser’, as indicated by the eraser-mode icon on the toolbar and this is persistent for the session for that brush preset.
With one of the standard eraser brush presets, what you have is a simple paintbrush where the blending mode is already set to eraser mode as part of its default  characteristics. You can press the Set eraser mode icon (or the E key) and the icon will change to indicate that the eraser brush preset has been forced into eraser blending mode but this is pointless since it is always in eraser blending mode and will ‘return’ to eraser blending mode when you press the icon again.
With this arrangement, you can have an erasing tool with any characteristics you want and can customise it if you learn how to use the brush editor (a very useful and not difficult thing to learn).

Nestor Prohm replied 2 months ago

Hi, thanks for the response but I think you misunderstood what I meant by “eraser mode”.
The pen for my graphics tablet (XP Pen Deco 01) has a button on the side that switches between a “pen” and an “eraser” mode. In other software I’ve used, pressing it changes the tool from e.g. a drawing brush to an eraser. However, in Krita pressing that button doesn’t seem to having any effect at all.

Ahab Greybeard answered 2 months ago

The ask.krita link that you gave is about a pen that has an eraser tip/end, which krita recongnises and remembers as a ‘second/alternative pen’ and remembers which brush preset was previously used by that second pen.
I thought your tablet/pen is not like that? I don’t know if the XP Pen Deco 01 has multibrush capability.