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Stylus doesn’t get recognised right away (I think) causing multiple bugs

Category: QuestionsStylus doesn’t get recognised right away (I think) causing multiple bugs
Wen xuan Liu asked 1 month ago

Im running Krita on a touchscreen supported laptop, Lenovo yoga 530. I’m using the wacom Bamboo ink with the laptop. 
I tried inputting strokes in the tablet tester, and it works perfectly fine there, but when I am drawing on a canvas, it gets glitchy:
1, after my first stroke with the stylus, it’s doesn’t recognise when I take my stylus off the screen, so it Carey’s on drawing where the indicator of my stylus is, so it makes strokes while I am pointing at my screen. 
Sometimes when I am making a really long stroke, the brush size changes and that’s when I think it recongnises the stylus but that stopped happening after I installed the wacom Bamboo ink driver.
I would have to move my stylus far enough to the point where the indicator stops showing to input another stroke.
Other times it knows when I take the stylus off, but I won’t allow another input until I move my stylus away far enough.
I’ve tried all sorts of software to practice drawing but all of the ones I’ve tried so far seem to have some annoying glitch that doesn’t work with my set up which makes its very annoying to draw on, I havnt yet tried Photoshop because it’s quite pricey, and I don’t want to spent money on software (yet) until I can get pretty good. 
Please help me figure out what’s wrong or give some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you very much!

1 Answers
Agata Cacko answered 4 weeks ago

Your tablet driver is malfunctioning. Did you try to update or reinstall it?

Also you said that tablet tester shows it correctly. Can you please post a log?

And generally, follow this instruction: https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=what-information-should-i-provide-to-get-help-with-my-tablet-issue