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Reset brush soft softness curve

Category: QuestionsReset brush soft softness curve
victor israel asked 3 months ago

Hey guys, i was exploring the “editor brush settings” and i have changed General->Brush Tip->Mask Type->Soft. I played with “softness curve” but i messed it up and, even if i close it, the effect persists. And worse: it affects others brushes and now i can’t use anything that involves softness properly. Anyone knows some way to reset this softness curve without loosing all my brushes configs?

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

Hi, you can reset to the default settings with the little button (the 2 arrows) near the “pixel engine” on your snapshot. (the button before the ! sign on the upper part of the pannel)

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

btw, if you want to remove a mark on a curve graph, just select it and put it out of the graph