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Rendered animation problem

Category: QuestionsRendered animation problem
sahal asked 3 weeks ago

my rendered animation isn’t working. I used FFmpeg and the profile is set to baseline. don’t know what I did wrong. after i rendered it, and played it VLC it looks like a green fog that covered my animation. pls help

Ahab Greybeard replied 3 weeks ago

I played your animation in my browser and it looks fine (white background, bright green ‘floor’, black outline ball bouncing across the screen). But when I downloaded it and played it in VLC it does look bad as you describe and worse.
Do any other animations have this problem? Is this the first animation you’ve done in krita?
Which OS are you using and which version of krita? Where did you get ffmpeg from? Was ffmpeg already installed on your computer?
The manual recommends this for ffmpeg installation: https://docs.krita.org/en/reference_manual/render_animation.html#setting-up-krita-for-exporting-animations so can you try that?
What is the size of your animation in pixels (it should be an even number)?