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Quality loss as PNG

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Albert asked 4 weeks ago

Hi all,
I recently started using Krita for pixel art, and I\’ve found a problem I don\’t know how to solve. 
I\’m drawing my character on a 32x32px canvas and if I save it as a .kra file, the quality is fine. However, if I save it as PNG to use it on Unity, the quality suffers a terrible loss and it all looks blurry/out of focus. 
I have tried scaling it by resizing the canvas, but this does not solve the issue. 
I fear the same issue will happen once I start animating it. I\’d appreciate if anyone knows how I can save it as a PNG and the image look equally sharp.
Thank you!

Ahab Greybeard replied 4 weeks ago

I’ve just tried making 32×32 pixel art and had no distortion/change when I exported it to a .png file. Can you provide a link to your original .kra file?

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Did you check whether Unity’s settings were correct? Most game engines will use a bilinear filter to scale 2d assets smoothly because a lot of assets these days are high res. If you want to have pixel perfection, you will need to figure out how to turn off this bilinear filter(and search for a ‘nearest neighbour’ one).
This is not a Krita issue, nor is it a PNG issue. PNG is not a lossy file format that will produce blurry results like JPEG can.