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My pen tip and eraser don\’t remember what they were separately

Category: QuestionsMy pen tip and eraser don\’t remember what they were separately
Chris Poulos asked 2 months ago

My eraser was detected but didn\’t switch to the eraser tool when using it. I was told that if you switch to something on one side of the pen it keeps it on that side and not the other. This hasn\’t been working for me and no matter which side of the pen I use it uses the same brush.

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 2 months ago

This is something your tablet driver needs to support, so it sounds like your tablet driver doesn’t support this 🙁

Firmata Mossertonoplemique replied 4 weeks ago

How do you know if it’s supported? I’m using XP-Pen Star 03 Express Keys, and the tablet has a pen/eraser mode switch (on button press) in the driver, but it doesn’t do anything when used in Krita, despite seemingly being picked up by its tablet tester (on press, the log outputs pen tip being taken away and eraser brought close, vice versa on a consequent click)

Ahab Greybeard replied 4 weeks ago

Can you try a simple experiment: Using the ‘painting end’ of your pen, go to the Brush Presets docker and press the icon for ‘b) Basic-2 Opacity’ then paint on the canvas. It should give opacity-pressure sensitive painting in the chosen colour (as you’d expect).
Then lift your pen off the tablet, turn it around and use the ‘erasing end’ to go to the Brush Presets docker and press the icon for ‘a) Eraser Circle’ then use the ‘erasing end’ of your pen to go over the coloured area you just made with the painting end. It should give a hard/total erasure of any paint there with size-pressure sensitivity.
Then turn your pen around and go over the cavas with the painting end. It should paint with opacity-pressure sensitivity.
Turn your pen around and use the erasing end on the canvas – it should erase.
If all the above works, then krita is correctly recognising each end of your pen and is remembering which brush preset is assigned to it. If not then it may be a tablet/pen problem, a driver problem or a krita problem.
Krita does not have an ‘eraser tool’. It has a large number and variety of brush presets, many of which are set up to paint/draw on the canvas; some are set up to do effects like blur, distort, clone, etc; a small number are set up to perform erasing functions with different characteristics (these have ‘eraser’ in their names).
It also has an ‘Eraser Mode’ (toggled on/off by an icon on the Toolbar or by pressing the ‘E’ key). This Eraser Mode is indicated by the icon on the Toolbar being highlighted. This forces whatever brush preset you’re using to paint with a blending mode of ‘Erase’ and so act as an eraser with the same visual/on-canvas characteristics as the bristles/tip/opacity/size of the brush preset you’re using at the time.