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my onion skin for the previous frame does not work

Category: Questionsmy onion skin for the previous frame does not work
obnubilando asked 2 months ago

when i try to animate the previous frame remains in the new frame, even when i play the animation, resulting in a mess. the onion skin for the next frame works just fine and i don\’t really understand why i have this problem tbh, what should i do?

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 2 months ago

Are you following the manual entry for animation? It should explain everything(Though new frame is renamed to ‘new blank keyframe’ and there’s a few more options).For future reference, there’s a specific warning on that page:

Krita sees white as a color, not as transparent, so make sure the animation layer you are working on is transparent in the bits where there’s no drawing. You can fix the situation by use the Color to Alpha filter, but prevention is best.

Make sure you’re not on a fully opaque layer or onion skin will not work.