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Lost half of my animation. Is there any way I can recover?

Category: QuestionsLost half of my animation. Is there any way I can recover?
Alyssa asked 4 weeks ago

I have a windows 10 64 bit operating system on my computer. I drew most of the frames on my Lenovo yoga book, but the mistake happened on my computer. I was shutting my computer down so I was closing all my open windows. I had two different versions of the document open. I clicked the ‘x’ button and the “Cradles.kra has been modified, would you like to save it?”
and it was 11:30, so I was tired. The reasonable thing to do would be to click cancel and make sure I save the right one. But no, I just clicked yes. another one popped up “Cradles.kra has been modified. Would you like to save it?” so I clicked no this time.
and now, I have lost half of my animation. I have given up hope and doubt there’s any way to fix it, I just thought I should try this.
I hope you can help, thank you.

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 4 weeks ago

By default Krita backs up the last saved version with every save as myfilename.kra~, find that file, rename it to remove the tilde(and maybe rename it so it won’t overwrite the other file). Then try to open it with Krita. While I cannot guarantee it will have the remains of your animation(maybe you saved twice and therefore overwrote the backup file as well, those kind of things happen), there’s a good chance it might have.