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Less than a beginner questions

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Emma Sousa asked 2 months ago

Hi Everyone
I’m looking for a software that has an easier learning curve than something like Adobe. What I’d like to eventually get to is learning digital drawing and painting.
I’d like to start with something like taking a photo and creating a line drawing, then learn from this to paint.Not sure if this is the right approach – but ultimately learn to draw, create line art, digitally paint etc.
Is this software the right starting place?
If so…does anyone have links to really good tutorials that would be a good starting point to do the line art creation from a photo or image and then how to learn to colorize or paint the line drawing?

1 Answers
Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 2 months ago

You can do that in Krita. Krita is easy enough to get into, but it’s also a really powerful application, so there’s a lot to explore and learn. As for whether it’s a good way to learn digital painting… I’m not sure. Here’s a very good absolute beginners tutorial: http://davidrevoy.com/article185/tutorial-getting-started-with-krita-1-3-bw-portrait