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Krita Won’t Play Animation From Beginning

Category: QuestionsKrita Won’t Play Animation From Beginning
KitCat asked 2 weeks ago

I’ve been working on a PMV music video for about a month now, starting with backgrounds and sketches of the characters.  I was working on drawing and coloring the actual characters and it was working fine, until I colored in the 621st frame.  The animation in total is 2212 frames.
I did a lipsync section where the only thing that changes is the character’s mouth from frame 618 to frame 657, and I can get it to play from 618 on.  I can no longer get it to play from the beginning or anywhere prior to frame 618, and if I try it jumps me to frame 621.
I looked through other questions that sounded similar to this, and checked where the answers said to.  I still have memory free, and my graphics acceleration is turned on.  I’ve even tried deleting the frame but it doesn’t work and still plays from 621 so I put it back in.  Is there anyway to fix this or is it a bug?

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

2212 frames is a very large animation. How do you know that you still have memory free? Where do you get the numbers from and what do they say?
What OS do you use and which version of krita? How much RAM does your computer have?
How big is the image size in pixels? What does krita say on it’s status bar about the size of the image in MB or GB? If you hover your cursor over the status bar size figure, what does the info popup say for the ‘Memory used’ figure?
In Settings -> Configure Krita -> Perfomance -> Advanced tab, what is the Frame RenderingClones Limit set to? On the Animation Cache tab, is the Cache Storage Backend set to In-memory or On-disk?

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

P.S. At this stage, regardless of what the cause of the problem is, it may be a good idea to split your animation into two roughly equal parts, stored in two separate files that you work on separately, then splice the rendered videos with a video editor. You could dub the audio in with a video editor as well.