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krita taking too long to render animation

Category: Questionskrita taking too long to render animation
sebi asked 7 days ago

Krita is taking too long to render my 2300 frames animation (12 fps,3 minutes long animation) can you fix this please
(and i waited an hour to reder but still didnt work)

Ahab Greybeard replied 7 days ago

There is a definite warning notice on that progress window and an orange info indicator on the status bar by the image/memory size indicator. Hover your cursor over the image/memory size indicator and it will give you more detailed information. It looks like you have problems due to krita running out of RAM.
Save your animation.
If you have 16GB of RAM, try allocating 14GB to krita and don’t run Chromium and VLC at the same time (or anything else). If you only have 12GB of RAM then allocate 10GB to krita and definitely do not run any other applications. (Settings -> Configure Krita -> Performance -. General tab. This needs a krita restart after being changed)
Your image size is 1920×1080 which is very large for a simple cartoon animation so you could scale it down to 50% of that to get a large reduction in RAM requirement.
You can time split your animation (two halves would be a good start) and render them out separately then join them in a video editor.
Have a look in the destination folder for your video and see if anything needs cleaning up in there.