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Krita slow down issue

Category: QuestionsKrita slow down issue
Pallavi shirsat asked 3 months ago

I need your help to fix my Krita\’s  settings issue as I have purchased a new assembled computer for myself.  And the configurations are :
Windows 10
Touchscreen Monitor Dell P2418HT
Dual graphic Card
4 Gb ddr 5 
16gb Ram
256 gb ssd
1tb hdd
Cooler master Cabinet And Fan
Intel 8th gen I7 processor
And the problem is whenever I work on Krita and insert a JPEG image in layer,  the layer takes quite a long time to close the image.  And same goes with the Opacity and Transform Tool. Both takes a couple of minutes to function properly. So, I kindly request you to reply asap with the correct settings to fix this issue.
Thank you.

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

What is the size of the jpeg, can you provide a example file?

Pallavi shirsat replied 3 months ago

<p>Size of the image is 489 mb. Its a inking artwork.</p>

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

i thinks that’s the reason why it is slow, a 489Mb jpeg is really huge, try to downscale the resolution maybe…

Pallavi shirsat replied 3 months ago

<p>Yes I agree with your answer but the problem is I'm working on same image at my office with same configuration computer and their it works faster. I dont know! what is the exact problem?</p><p>I have attached my office working clip.</p>

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 2 months ago

I wouldn’t know why stuff like closing and opening would be affected on your home computer but not your work computer. For the rest, you can try to check if graphics acceleration and instant preview are enabled(one is under configure krita->display, the other under the view menu), as well as making sure you’re working in the same bitdepth on both devices.