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krita refuses to do anything

Category: Questionskrita refuses to do anything
Robert asked 2 weeks ago

when ever i do something on krita i have to click on something else for example: i want to change the background to black, i pick the bucket tool, choose my color and click the canvas, however nothing seems to happen. i need to click something off the canvas or left click. please help I’ve tried¬†everything,¬†i tried rebooting my machine, I’ve tried settings, I’ve even reinstalled it! please help, on one i know can help!

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

By “when ever”, do you mean this has always happened for all the time that you’ve been using krita? How long have you been using krita, what OS and what version of krita do you have installed?
Note: reinstalling krita will not change anything because krita’s look/feel/behaviour is determined by configuration files that stay on your computer during an uninstall/reinstall process.

Robert Hosking replied 2 weeks ago

I’ve been using it for around half a year and it just started. i’m not sure what OS means, it’s the latest version

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

‘OS’ means ‘Operating System’, which could be Windows, a Linux flavour, macOS, usually. By ‘lastest version’, do you mean 4.1.7?
If it’s just started doing this, what has changed on your computer?

Robert Hosking replied 2 weeks ago

thanks for all this help. my computer runs windows 10 and yes i do mean 4.1.7. i’m not sure what has changed but is it possible to completely wipe my computer of Krita?

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

Yes, you can remove the configuration files and the resources folder. Before you do that, can you try the following: Delete any file that has ‘krita’ at the start of its name in the ‘C:/Users/robert/AppData/Local’ folder and then run krita. This will give you a totally fresh default configuration (and result in the loss of any of your personal customisations such as the theme, etc but you can change them back to how you want them). If that fixes your problem then fine but you still don’t know what caused the problem in the first place.
If you want to ‘completely wipe’ krita from your computer then as well as uninstalling, you delete the ‘krita’ named files as before and also delete the folder called ‘krita’ which is in the ‘C:/Users/robert/AppData/Roaming’ folder. This will delete any brushes or bundles or personalised brush presets you may have made.