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krita in windows 7 command line

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Lukas Chen asked 2 weeks ago

I am trying to batch export .kra files into .png using windows batch scripting. However later I found out the krita keyword isn\’t exposed in the terminal. But the documentation here for krita command line says it\’s supported for windows 7
Do I need to check a option somewhere to enable this feature?
P.S.: I installed krita on my D: drive, could that be an issue?

Lukas Chen replied 2 weeks ago

Sorry the links broken, I meant the documentation link here: https://docs.krita.org/en/reference_manual/linux_command_line.html

2 Answers
David Revoy answered 2 weeks ago

The Krita files *.kra are zip; and you can find in them a mergedimage.png that is a projection of all the layer stack in sRGB 8Bit. You can probably with more ease use a command line unzip command. On Pepper&Carrot, I have a full renderfarm that manage thousands of files this way and since 5 years. I hope it will help!

Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 2 weeks ago

And, of course, if you want to use the command line, you either have to give the full path to Krita, or make sure krita.exe is on your path.