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Krita expresskey Problem.

Category: QuestionsKrita expresskey Problem.
Raja asked 1 week ago

Hello! I recently had to set up my pc newly, and now all my settings from before in Krita are gone sadly.. And I have one problem with the expresskeys! 
Before when I , let’s say, pressed P to get the colour picker, it did go back to the brush after letting go of the key. But now it doesn’t ! All my shortcuts on my tablet don’t work anymore, because it just stays there, so I’m stuck with the colour picker or the pan-tool, and have to manually go back to the brush each time.
How do I fix this? It wasn’t like this before and I can’t draw like that, it’s just too annyoing.
I hope someone here can help me fix this 🙁 Thank you in advance.

Ahab Greybeard replied 1 week ago

Do you have a new PC that you’re installing applications on, or have you reinstalled Windows on your old PC? Which tablet do you have?
Krita stores its configurations/settings/etc in files and folder on your hard drive. If those files have been lost then you have to do the setting again yourself. Similarly, the expresskeys on your tablet are stored in settings files on your PC hard drive that are associated with the tablet driver and control utility so if these have been lost then you’ll have to set them up again.
If you have a new PC and still have access to your old PC then you will be able to copy over the krita configuration easily, but perhaps not the tablet settings.