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Jagged / Polygonal lines

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Gus asked 3 months ago

Hello all,
I really loving what Krita has become, its interface and its features. However, I’m having a big problem and I am unable to find a solution for it. Can someone give me a hand?

Basically, smooth lines come out jagged on the canvas. It seems like it’s more of an approximation than an actual curve.
The attached image was drawn with basic smoothing on (“None” smoothing makes it much worse) and with a mouse.

I do have Wacom drivers installed, but I did set the double click (right-click) distance to a minimum. I’m running Krita on OSX, GTX1070, i7 7700HQ processor.

Thank you in advance.

Tymon DÄ…browski replied 3 months ago

Please follow this instruction: https://ask.krita.org/?dwqa-question=what-information-should-i-provide-to-get-help-with-my-tablet-issue the one thing you could pay attention to is the pace new lines appear on the text box in Tablet Tester; if the tablet driver is correct, the pace should be even, and if the tablet driver is broken in some way, it will appear like on the screen: sometimes faster (every point the pen have been in is recorded), sometimes slower (only some points are recorded; there are gaps in time when nothing is recorded by the tablet driver). Then we can proceed with investigation.

Gus Petrikas replied 3 months ago

Thank you for the reply.

Tablet model: Wacom Cintiq Pro 16
Tablet driver: 6.3.32-3
OS: Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6

The Tablet Tester text output seems smooth and uniform.
Here it is here: https://pastebin.com/UtDSNn7G

However, earlier I made a test with squiggly lines, and the visual output still had corners where there should have been a smooth line.
Imgur screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/zeVbaMe
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/hhqsJXKR
I get a same result when the tablet is not connected and I draw with a mouse.

The problem is not apparent with different drawing software, however I would very much like to use Krita for its superior interface and choice of tools.

Thank you once again.

Tymon DÄ…browski replied 3 months ago

Mouse input resolution can be rather bad, so while it can mean something that the mouse is not working too, it can also mean nothing. On Windows you can easily change API in Tablet Settings to Windows Ink and it usually fixes a lot of problems like this (especially “but in other programs it works”; usually the other programs uses different API), but on Mac as far as I know there is no option like this (if there is, please check). I recommend trying other tablet drivers or reinstalling the current version of tablet driver, if you haven’t already. (Tablet Tester proves that the current API used with the current tablet driver installed sends signals that are shown in the textbox… unless there is something going on in the system that eats a lot of resources and makes it impossible to read those signals, I guess? (Never seen this happen) Ok, so besides checking other drivers, please check what your resource levels are (CPU usage, GPU usage, RAM usage, that sort of things)).

Gus Petrikas replied 3 months ago

How far back would you suggest going? I’ve tried driver 6.3.18 which was suggested over other forums, but the issue persisted. I assumed it wasn’t related to the driver and reinstalled the latest.

The computer is performing normally, as expected. It’s not that Krita is lagging or falling behind or anything. Is just that if I make a quick stroke, it comes out with corners, if I take it slowly, the lines become very jagged (shaky).