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Interpolate a layer transform action during an animation

Category: QuestionsInterpolate a layer transform action during an animation
SimpleToon asked 3 months ago

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a layer move from point A to point B during an animation, with it interpolating in between 2 keyframes.
To better explain, let’s say I have a block in position A at frame 1. I want this block to be at position B at frame 10, with it moving smoothly from position A to position B during frames 2-9. I don’t want to meticulously redraw this block at each frame.
Is there a way to only set the position of this block at the first and last frames, and have it interpolate evenly during the rest of the frames?
Thanks in advance.

1 Answers
Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 3 months ago

No that is not possible. Jouni has been working on it, but hasn’t managed to make it work properly yet.