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How to export a PNG with transparency?

Category: QuestionsHow to export a PNG with transparency?
RC asked 4 months ago

I am very new to graphic design in general and would like to use Krita to create a few simple PNGs with transparency. My test project is to create a circle (white) with the background transparent. My project is setup like this:
– Layer 2
| |
| + Transparency Mask
– Layer 1
About the layers:

  • Layer 1 is colored solid black
  • Layer 2 has the white circle painted on it
  • The transparency mask was painted black with a white circle in the middle

When I try to export this as a PNG I get a white circle with a black background.
Paradoxically, when I import the PNG and add a transparency layer (black background, white in the middle) and re-save it it works. I\’d like to avoid having to export the PNG, Import it and then add transparency if at all possible.
Any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks!
Update: I tried to attach the kra file for examination, but the site doesn’t allow it.

RC replied 4 months ago

I was able to resolve the issue by deleting all layers except for one and just painting the circle on it. The confusion I had stemmed from the default of 2 layers (one generated with a solid color) when creating a project and the documentation on transparency masks (https://docs.krita.org/fr/reference_manual/layers_and_masks/transparency_masks.html) where it states that black == transparency and white will paint opaque.

With only one layer I don’t need any transparency mask for what I’m trying to accomplish.

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