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How do you export task sets?

Category: QuestionsHow do you export task sets?
Simon Watts asked 2 weeks ago

Hey guys. Short and sweet, I can’t find any indication in the docker as to how to export a taskset file. It’s clear that you can import a file, but I need to create a task set to make my team’s lives a little easier.
There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to export a taskset for others to use, even though this is stated as a feature of the task set docker on the documentation page here: https://docs.krita.org/en/reference_manual/dockers/task_sets.html
Thanks very much for your help!

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 2 weeks ago

Using the ‘disc’ icon at the bottom of the Taskset docker, you save it with a name. It gets saved as a name.kts file in the ‘taskset’ folder in your krita resources folder which is in there with the brushes, bundles, palettes, etc. folders.
You can copy the name.kts file to the taskset folder of another krita installation and it will be available after krita starts.
If you want to rename the file, you can but the taskset name is internal to the .kts file so you should edit it with notepad or similar to change the internal name to match the filename or confusion will occur. This will be you who’s confused, not krita.
You can organise the .kts files in sub-folders within the taskset folder but krita pays no attention to any sub-folder structure and just loads them all. If you want to do ‘structured’ setting up, you’ll have to do that yourself with external takset folder contents that you swap in and out of ‘taskset’ in the krita resource folder.