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How can we do vector “paste in place”?

Category: QuestionsHow can we do vector “paste in place”?
Widhi Muttaqien asked 5 months ago

Hi guys.
Is there any “paste in place” feature for vector shapes in Krita? I see that we can do “paste in place” from one to another vector layer. But we can not do it in the same layer. So this force me to create unnecessary additional vector layer to do “paste in place”. This feature is important for example creating car wheels etc.
Please advice.
Widhi Muttaqien

Tymon DÄ…browski replied 5 months ago

I turned on snapping to nodes and bounding boxes and after paste I was able to put one object exactly over the other and then move using arrows. That helped me with this issue.

Widhi Muttaqien replied 5 months ago

Hi tymon. thank you for the tip

Widhi Muttaqien replied 5 months ago

But in the case of creating car wheel for example, i found better workaround. Instead of ctrl C, I use Ctrl X (cut). We can ctrl V to paste in place, make the circle bigger or smaller. And when we ctrl V again it will paste in place another circle.