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how can i draw over the canvas border?

Category: Questionshow can i draw over the canvas border?
v_ asked 4 days ago

Hello. I would like to know how to draw on the border. When I draw I can not see what I draw below. That annoys me a lot
best regards

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 4 days ago

Are you trying to 1:- draw beyond the workspace edges (which is possible but perhaps not wise) or are you trying to 2:- draw beyond the edge of the canvas (which is possible and can be useful)?
There are two things you can try depending on the situation:-
1. Use the Pan Tool: Press and hold the spacebar and the cursor will change to a hand icon. While the hand icon is showing, click-drag the canvas around the workspace. (Alternatively, you can zoom out so that the canvas edges come back into view in the workspace.)
2. Use the Move Tool: Press the ‘T’ key and the cursor will become ‘crossed arrows’. Click-drag to slide the canvas so that off-canvas areas come into view (and on-canvas areas on the other side slide out of view). Then press Return to finalise the move operation.

Veona mm replied 4 days ago

Thank you for trying to help me but I did not mean that. How can I make the border transparent? So that I can see my drawings over the edge of the canvas. This is very important for animating because I need to know what I have painted over the edge.
best regards

Ahab Greybeard replied 4 days ago

Oh, you have situation 3. The workspace background colour (Settings -> Configure Krita -> Display tab) can’t accept any transparency as part of a selected colour.
One solution would be to make your entire animated image larger than the final size and put crop lines on a non-animated ‘guide’ layer to indicate the final size. After it’s finished you could then crop to size using Image -> Trim to Current Layer after selecting the guide layer.

Veona mm replied 2 days ago

Okay, thank you very much!!:))