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High-DPI does not look good.

Category: QuestionsHigh-DPI does not look good.
kritagod asked 3 months ago

Whenever I ask about customising the UI font size of any programme, most of the time I got the reply like \”Change the system DPI settings\”. But most of the time, I do not achieve the look I want with that.
I am using 150% system DPI settings, and the Krita UI looks like these. Even when I have enabled the high-DPI support, the main menu/dialogue font sizes remains small and the icons are unnecessarily large. I know requesting a feature for a free programme is shameless thing, but can they a simple feature to set the font size as the user wants, not just use some predefined values?
[High-DPI support disabled]

[High-DPI support enabled]

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

Hi, i have similar issue with 4k dual screen, it seems that KDE can’t handle ratio with decimals

1 Answers
Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 3 months ago

I’m afraid there’s just nothing we can do, except allow users to enable or disable hidpi support. The actual implementation is part of the development platform, qT, and we cannot tweak or change how it works.