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Help me please!

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Suchanyecz Alex asked 1 month ago

I’ve spent hours to make my drawing, but when I saved, my layers disappeared. In the app, the autosave is turned on, yet I can’t find any autosave file in the Temp folder. Is there any chance to recover my file back?
Thanks for answers!

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 1 month ago

When you do a Save, the autosave file is deleted since it is assumed that the image has now been saved properly.
If you did previous Save actions, there should be a backup file in the same location as your Saved file and this will be a hidden file so you may need to change your file manager settings to see it.
It’s a good idea to do a Save at regular intervals to keep your file and the backup file updated with your work in the image. For large and complicated image work, it’s a good idea to have more that one level of backup files, this is set in the same place where you have autosave turned on.