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Ghosted outline remains after bucket fill and transform operations

Category: QuestionsGhosted outline remains after bucket fill and transform operations
Alan Skinner asked 5 days ago

I\’m sure this has been asked and answered at some point but I can\’t find information on it.  I want to draw out a shape with the outline selection tool, fill it with a flat color (usually grey) and then manipulate the shape through the Transform tool and fit it into the composition.  That all works fine except I get left with an outline of the original shape that I then have to erase. I have played with the Tool Options sliders including Feathering but I can\’t make the whole filled in shape transform without leaving a ghosty outline residue behind.  Any help would be appreciated.

<img src=”http://&#8221; alt=”sample issue” />

Interestingly, I tried the same thing on Layer 1 and got this:


” alt=”Transform on Layer 1″ />



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Ahab Greybeard answered 4 days ago

Thank you for posting those. There are two points I’d like to make:
1. I’m fairly sure that the ghostly grey outline is a ‘residual’ caused by you having the Anti-alisasing option ticked in the Tool Options for the selection tool. I tried it with ticked and unticked and I got the ‘ghostly’ grey outline when it was ticked, so have a look at that and see if that’s what it is. Selection anti-aliasing seems to put a bit of a transparency gradient on the edge of the selection region mask which will affect the extent of a Fill (a bit of bleed out). However, it will not affect the extent of a move operation so those bled-out pixels will be left behind.
2. For the red filled shape, you have a red shape on a layer that is filled with white and so you’re seeing the checkerboard under it when you move those pixels. I tried this and I saw a ghostly but definite fine red outline left behind on the white. (I had selection anti-aliasing unticked = turned off). However, this wasn’t seen when I zoomed in to the pixel level. This may be an artefact of the screen rendering process. It reappeared when I zoomed out again. Try zooming in if you get the problem to see if it’s ‘real’ or a rendering artefact (and remember to turn selection anti-aliasing off).

Alan Skinner replied 4 days ago

Anti-aliasing! That’s it! Turned it off and all was golden. Thank you so much. This was driving me crazy and to honest I was never going to figure this one out by myself. Thanks again and now back to work…

Ahab Greybeard answered 5 days ago

Are you putting your filled outline shape on its own transparent layer and are you Deselecting before you do the transform?
It shouldn’t matter if you don’t Deselect and if you do Deselect then the transform tool will detect the extent of the shape you’ve filled anyway.
I’ve just tried this and had no problems with any kind of ghosted outline anywhere. Can you describe the situation in more detail or post a link to a screenshot?

Alan Skinner replied 4 days ago

Thanks. I’ve updated original post with screenshots of the issue. Hopefully this will help better describe what I’m seeing.