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Exporting video animation to a video editing program

Category: QuestionsExporting video animation to a video editing program
Lisa asked 4 weeks ago

I am doing a project for school. I made a animation on Krita. I am trying to take the animation and export it into the FilmoraPro program so I can add audio and moving text to it. I have an old version of Krita. I think its 1.96 version. If i update the version will i lose my work? I added FFMpeg to my PC. But Im still having trouble accessing it on FilmoraPro. Is there a specific way I shld be saving it? Im saving it as a PNG file. Shld I maybe save it as a zip file? 

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 4 weeks ago

You do not have Krita version 1.96, Krita never released a 1.96 version.
Updates will rarely lose work. The last time work was losable was between 3.3 and 4.0, and that was only if you tried to edit a 4.0 file with vectors in 3.3.
If you intend to export animations to work with a video editor, you don’t necessarily need ffmpeg. You should be able to just export an image sequence of pngs in the render animation dialog, and then import those into your video editor. (Virtually all video editors can import image sequences. Doing an internet search gave me this page for Filmora: https://filmora.wondershare.com/filmorapro-video-editor-guide/importing-media.html )
Hopefully this’ll help 🙂