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Cursor and Keyboard Crash Bug

Category: QuestionsCursor and Keyboard Crash Bug
Rob asked 5 months ago

Hello. Can you help me? I’ve been dealing with a bug which I believe is linked to Krita. When using my graphics tablet after drawing in Krita with it for about twent to thirty minutes or even less the brush randomly turns to the ink dropper and won’t turn back, the express key commands mix up and wort of all my laptop keyboard stops working until I restart the computer.

I believe the problem is related to Krita because I found a Reddit user with the exact same Problem as me 


The difference is while they use a Wacom tablet I use an XP Pen Artist 16 which is what’s convinced me Krita is the source of the problem. Is there anything you can suggest that would fix the matter please?

Thank you for listening

Tymon Dąbrowski replied 4 months ago

Please check if reseting Krita configuration file helps: https://docs.krita.org/en/KritaFAQ.html?highlight=reset%20krita#resetting-krita-configuration

If not, does it happen exactly in the situations mentioned in the post? Is every detail mentioned there correct for your situation? Like: only when you flip the pen and go to color selector? If not, please list differences; and also say everything else you can say about your situation.