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Ctrl + T is ambiguous shortcut by default in 4.1.7?

Category: QuestionsCtrl + T is ambiguous shortcut by default in 4.1.7?
Widhi Muttaqien asked 5 months ago

Hi guys.
I think this is a very bad mistake. I mean transforming layers are very common when doing illustration or image editing in general. And the shortcut is overlapping by default :(.
Or is it only my Krita that behaves like this? Please advice.

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 5 months ago

It got in there by accident.
You can change it in settings->configure Krita->Keyboard Shortcuts.

Widhi Muttaqien replied 5 months ago

Hi Wolthera. I’m in the process of making Krita’s course and I really hate stating to my students that there is a bug or mistake in Krita and that they have to fix it to use it. I don’t want to give bad impression about Krita to beginners. 🙂
Will this overlapping shortcuts be gone in 4.2?

Wolthera van Hövell Staff replied 5 months ago

It is gone in 4.2.

Widhi Muttaqien replied 5 months ago

Great! thank you for all the help Wolthera.

Andi Jenkins replied 3 months ago

stop lying. nothing happens

matt coudert replied 3 months ago

<p>@Andi : Did you really try the 4.2?</p>