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Copy/Pasting text layer from one Krita file to another crashes application

Category: QuestionsCopy/Pasting text layer from one Krita file to another crashes application
Bob Blob asked 3 weeks ago

Running on Windows 10, Krita version 4.0.1 and 4.1.7 Working on multiple 1GB memory files, I want to copy a text layer from one to another so they have the exact size/location on the page. The text layer has 3 different text boxes in it with a total of 6 words (not a big text layer). In my source file I right click on the layer and choose copy, then open up the other file (have tried closing the source file then opening the second alone, having both versions open before I begin copying..) and right click and paste. 8/10 times I do this, I’ll get the spinning wheel at the cursor and then Krita will just crash within a couple of seconds without any report. Any ideas?

Ahab Greybeard replied 3 weeks ago

“…Working on multiple 1GB memory files, …” How much RAM does your computer have?
Windows 10 needs about 1.2GB of RAM and krita needs about 0.5GB before it starts using RAM to store and work on the images.

bobby caswelch replied 3 weeks ago

I have 16gb but my task manager only shows me using 8gb (in task manager it says 16gb, but for example shows 4.0/8.0 GB). With a couple Krita documents open my computer sits at 80% memory usage. Before Krita crashes after I copy/paste a text vector layer, my GPU spikes to 100% for a second. NVIDIA 1070 GPU with AMD 2600 CPU.

Ahab Greybeard replied 3 weeks ago

80% memory usage is 12.8GB which is a lot. In this situation, what does krita tell you about the RAM usage for each image, in the status bar at the bottom of the krita window? What does the task manager say is the RAM usage for krita at this time.
When you’re tracking this sort of problem down, you must not have any other applications running.
If you go to Settings -> Configure Krita -> Performance -> General tab, you can see the Memory Limit allocated to krita, I think the default is 50% (8GB in your case) of available RAM. Unless your two images are each 4GB or more, you should have no problems in this situation.

bobby caswelch replied 2 weeks ago

Windows 10 only shows me using 8gb, so it’s at 6.2GB/8.0GB. Krita shows 4GB available, but even if I have two 600MB files open it still crashes Krita.

Ahab Greybeard replied 2 weeks ago

Running Windows 10, I have 16GB RAM in total on my computer. Using krita 4.1.7, I’ve just opened two files (their size is not relevant) that gave me large multi-layer images that were 3.8GB each in krita (as reported by krita) and I created a vector layer with some text boxes on it in one of the images. I then copied that vector layer and pasted it in the other image and all went well. I saved them both and all went well. While they were both open, the Windows task manager said that a total of 9.5GB of RAM was in use and that krita was using 8.25GB of RAM. Krita said it was using 7.4GB/11.9GB of RAM. (I’ve set krita to use a maximum of 12GB RAM.)
There are differences between what the task manager says about total RAM usage and krita RAM usage. What krita says about itself is also different.
From what you’ve said, I have difficulty in following who/what is using how much RAM and where you get the numbers from. (Especially the 80% memory usage figure.) Also how does krita tell you that 4GB is available if it’s showing 6.2GB/8.0GB? I assume you got that figure from krita’s reporting but I can’t be sure since you didn’t say.