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Colored pencil filter & pencil look-like outline

Category: QuestionsColored pencil filter & pencil look-like outline
Alexander Yol asked 1 month ago

Can you please tell me:
1. Is any way in Krita (through some filter may be) make from usual fill (flat color) fill that looks like colored pencils painting? Like childrens drawing?
2. Same question, only about simple black outline, (what for example I did in Inkscape and copy-paste into Krita) – can I somehow make it looks like black pencil drawing? Like I was draw it with Krita brush – Charcoal Pencil Large…

1 Answers
David Revoy answered 1 month ago

1. The GMIC Filter Artistic > Felt Pen can do that (eg. picture in attachement).
2. Still GMIC,  Black&White > Engrave. It creates thick lines with good control over the width. To get a grainy texture on the line, add one later with a layer on top and a blending mode like overlay (or with GMIC Deformations > Textured Glass with a low amplitude).