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Can’t Download Krita! Please help!

Category: QuestionsCan’t Download Krita! Please help!
Paachu asked 4 weeks ago

I’ve recently encountered a big problem with Krita, and that is that I can’t seem to download it again! I had Krita for a while now but after some bugs started happening, I decided to reinstall it… but now I can’t. And I have no idea why!
Here’s what pops up as the program is being downloaded:
Error opening file for writing:
c:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bin\QT5Concurrent.dll
Click abort to stop the installation,
retry to try again, or
ignore and skip file.
Now this has never happened to me before, and I’m genuinely confused why it’s happening NOW all of a sudden. And this message goes on for so many other files too–after I click ignore, it goes on and on, and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.
If you have any advice on this situation, please help! It’d be a huge waste to not be able to use Krita because it’s really an incredible program.
I’m not sure if the issue lies within Krita itself, or if it’s got something to do with my PC itself. 
Thank you! 

Ahab Greybeard replied 4 weeks ago

The error messages you get are problems with installing an application, not with downloading it.
The krita download servers seem to have had problems for the past day and are slow and often drop the connection before the download is complete. You can tell this by the size of the download – it’s much smaller than it should be, like 18MB instead of 175Mb or whatever.
In that case, it doesn’t make sense to try installing what was downloaded since it’s incomplete and very broken. You’ll have to wait until the servers are working properly.
Do you have the original downloaded file that you first used to install krita? If so, that can be used. However, any problems you’re having will not be fixed by reinstalling it. Except in the very rare situation where the installation has become corrupted because of a bad hard drive, in which case you have far worse PC problems to worry about.
If you have problems with the operation of krita, it’s best to describe your problem here or in the help forum to see if anyone can give advice.

1 Answers
Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 4 days ago

That error happens when Krita is still running and the installer cannot stop it for some reason. Restart your computer to make sure Krita isn’t running anymore.