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Can you import images in Krita?

Category: QuestionsCan you import images in Krita?
That One Guy asked 6 months ago

I really want to use this, but long story short, it would take me about a week to get it. So, before I get into this thing, can you import images from a file in Krita? I\’ve been having to lower the quality of my pictures in Pixlr in order to put another image on the dang thing.

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RJ Quiralta answered 6 months ago

I’m not sure of the question (sorry for that), do you mean exporting a rendered image directly from Krita to Pixlr? there is no feature for that (yet, as someone may create a plugin for it), Right now you need to save/render your image locally then upload it to any social you want.
Or did you mean that an existing image (jpg, png, etc.) you have, you want to use it in krita? That’s possible and easy, just open Krita and drop the image/s on the window, if you already have a document open and want to use the image as layer, just drop it and Krita would ask how do you want to open/use it, choose from the menu that pops up.
Feel free to add more information about the issue, would be easier to answer 🙂

Elliott Carpenter replied 6 months ago

(This is the same guy from above before I created an account) Thanks, I probably should’ve clarified that I meant just any regular jpg or png from your computer. It’s surprising how many I’ve found that don’t have that option. Thanks for your help. Krita is going to be a great experience!

RJ Quiralta replied 6 months ago

Glad it worked out for you, and yes, Krita can open many types of images. Just remember that Krita default file is not an image, thus you can either modify the image directly or within a .kra file (more convenient), on the .kra file, all effects and layers will be preserved but you need to export it as a regular image to use it on the web or print it. If something doesn’t work or you can’t figure it out, just come back and let us know. 🙂