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Can I zoom to location?

Category: QuestionsCan I zoom to location?
Izak van Langevelde asked 1 week ago

Is it possible to configure Krita to zoom to a location, like in Photoshop? That is, drag over an area on the canvas and zoom so that this area fits the window as much as possible>

2 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 1 week ago

Krita doesn’t do that. If you use the Overview docker, it shows a rectangular ‘view hole’ which represents the canvas position/size in comparison to the entire image. In the overview docker, you can zoom in/out with the mouse wheel then drag the canvas view hole around the image If you’re using a pen, you can use the zoom slider bar to adjust the size.

Izak van Langevelde replied 1 week ago

For me, this is one of the areas where Photoshop really shines, so I suggest Krita takes this as a feature request.

Ahab Greybeard replied 1 week ago

You need to go here: https://bugs.kde.org/ and raise a bug report with Component: Usability and Severity:wishlist

Izak van Langevelde answered 1 week ago

Looks like the zoom tool from the tool bar does exactly what I want.