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Brush pack infected?

Category: QuestionsBrush pack infected?
Jules asked 3 months ago

So I\\\’ve been using Krita for awhile, and haven\\\’t ever tried any of the brush packs on the website. I thought I\\\’d look into it. When I clicked one of them, it came up with \\\”Your computer has been infected…. please call this number… leaking your information.\\\” This of course is scary anybody else experienced this, I\\\’m not sure where to go to report this or what to do. I do have anti-virus etc. but still this happened… I know it\\\’s a risk when ever you download anything but all I did was click on it?! I was able to get away from it eventually but still worried about my pc.  

Tymon Dąbrowski replied 3 months ago

What brush pack did you click, exactly? Afaik those are only links to other places on the Internet, there is a possibility some of the places were taken from the original owner.

If you get that kind of message anywhere (unless it’s from your own antivirus), don’t click on it, don’t trust it in any way, don’t do what it says. It’s usually some kind of phishing (trying to get information from you to get your password or something else of importance) or an attempt to make you install some malicious programs to “clean your PC from viruses” (haha). Close the tab (close the whole browser if you need to). Install Adblock (or uBlick) if you don’t have it yet, you can also learn how to use NoScript; it blocks such things but it’s also a pain to live with, so I don’t expect you to use it.

Wolthera van Hövell Staff replied 3 months ago

<p>I removed the offending brushpack, for what it is worth. (Cazu brush collection)</p><p>The pack itself wasn't infected, just the website got squatted :/</p>

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Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 3 months ago

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