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“Audio playback is not supported in this build!”

Category: Questions“Audio playback is not supported in this build!”
Andou asked 6 months ago

Howdy team!
Been animating on Krita 4.1.3 for Windows 64-bit, and trying to import audio. Every attempt was met with an empty error, and the message, “Audio playback is not supported in this build!” I’ve converted the audio clip to .ogg, .wav, .mp3, and mp4 — still the same error across multiple files. Is there a fix to this? :{

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Boudewijn Rempt Staff answered 6 months ago

I think I remember that this was a bug in 4.1.3 and that it was fixed in 4.1.5; it basically was a broken error message, not a real issue.

Andou L. replied 6 months ago

I just updated to 4.1.5 and still got the same thing. :{

Sergey Rudenko answered 6 months ago

I also tried to use this feature but had the same result (on Linux version). I tried 4.1.5 and the latest 4.2.0 pre-alpha appimage builds.
Does anyone knows when audio support planned to be implemented again? 

Wolthera van Hövell Staff replied 6 months ago

On the appimage it does not work at all, and this is because we cannot get gstreamer to work appropriately. You will need to build Krita yourself or use the Repository/Krita Lime PPA version.

Sergey Rudenko replied 5 months ago

I installed the PPA version and also had problems with sound, but installing libqt5multimedia5-plugins with it’s dependencies solved the problem (3 or 4 other packages, about 400 kb in total).
I supposed the same problem might be with Appimage builds, since Krita don’t asks for that packages while installing. Don’t you think so?