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Animation Audio and Animation frames/timeline window

Category: QuestionsAnimation Audio and Animation frames/timeline window
KaiserjiM asked 6 days ago

I got some questions about the Audio in Krita.
1.) Is it possible to have more than 1 audio or sound tracks?
2.) Is it possible to select and move the audio to a certain frame? for example you want an audio or soundtrack that will play at frame 50. The audio will start at frame 50.
another question, how do you expand the animation frames/timeline window? so that you can see all the layers

1 Answers
Ahab Greybeard answered 5 days ago

1. You can only have one audio track so you need to mix/compose your track in another application first.
2. You can’t adjust the start time so you’ll have to use an another application to add a period of silence at the beginning of the track.
For 1, and 2. I’ve used Audacity which is free and more than good enough for simple audio work.
The Timeline docker height can be adjusted by dragging the border but adjustment will be limited by the minimum height requirements of other dockers above/below it. In general, the arrangement of dockers is very flexible and is remembered from session to session. If you have any problems with it then you’d need to post a link to a full screenshot to get more advice.