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adjust extend integrate an imported picture

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Han van Bakel asked 3 months ago

Hello Kritarians, Kritariani :

Is it correct I CAN’T integrate (eg line-/color-extentions) a standard “imported” image in the layer ? (Because it is NOT truelly imported in bit-level in a layer?): The imported picture stays a seperate object and for this reason non-integratable in a layer ?
step-1: import and old JPG-drawsub (eg a simple puppet) in a layer
step-2: reshape recolor reform and do some adaptions on a line/pixel-level
step-3: let the step-2 aspects blender smoothly with other figures/shapes in the same layer.
           (eg the biolog hand of the imported figure/picture holds the hand of a figure a draw in that layer) ?
I am a moron ?
but in all cases with all animation-software: I only see slow-tricky or very-subdirect actions/things
to import eg jpg/bitmaps and restile+integrate them fully in the same level….

1 Answers
Wolthera van Hövell Staff answered 3 months ago

Uhm, if I understand you correctly, you made a file layer that points to a file, but you want to just import it as a paint layer. To do that, go to Layer → Import/Export → Import Layer.
File layers are for when the file in question will be updated in the future and needs to automatically update when it does, which limits the things that can be done on them to just using masks(filter/transform/transparency) on them. For everything else, use import layer. 🙂